Month: September 2014

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Helping out in Oslavice

There is no such thing as travelling for free (or if there is, please do tell). Even if you only slept in tents and train stations, walked or hitch-hiked everywhere and rummaged for food in dumpsters, you would still need a budget – at least to buy a backpack and the clothes you wear. There…
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Three cities in a week

After an amazing time in Warsaw, I continued my trip to Poznań. Since I had such a good experience with BlaBlaCar, I used it again to get from Warsaw to Poznań. The trip cost me 25 złoty. Poznań is a big student city and I actually couchsurfed in a student dormitory! My host didn’t have too…
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Making friends in Warsaw

While travelling, your eyes are opened afresh every single day. One important thing I’ve learnt while travelling is: people are freaking amazing. They will help you in any way they can, if you just let them. Our society often pushes us to make it on our own, and asking for help might seem like a…
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Getting into a stranger’s car

Everyone has probably been told as a kid not to get into a stranger’s car. I admit that I’ve only hitchhiked twice before, and it was just for short distances. I don’t think that getting into a stranger’s car is the biggest problem with hitchhiking, but time. It can take an entire day to travel…
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Buckwheat and pierogis

I have to say, Kraków is the last place you should visit if you want to lose weight! In a country where meat and wheat is the general way to go, you can still find several amazing vegetarian restaurants in Kraków that will help to fill your belly! I’m. So. Full.

Quick stop in Kraków

Kraków, one of Poland’s oldest cities, is situated in Southern Poland, approximately 2 ½ hours from the Slovakian border. I spent four nights couchsurfing in Kraków. Krakow is quite a small city, so a few days is enough to see everything in the Old Town and Kazimierz. Best part: you can easily do it all by…
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All around the Tatras

The Tatras are a mountain range situated right on the border of Slovakia and Poland. My first stop in the Tatras was Ždiar, a small village in northern Slovakia. Ždiar is quite isolated and it took me several hours to get there from Košice. To get to Ždiar, you need to take a train from Košice to Poprad…
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Passing through Košice

With 250 000 inhabitants, Košice in Eastern Slovakia is the second largest city in the country, after the capital Bratislava. The easiest way to get to Košice from Budapest, is to catch a train from Keleti railway station. The train ride takes 3 ½ hours and costs 6300 forints (around 20 euros). Košice was probably…
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Vegan eating in Budapest

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of nice vegetarian restaurants in Budapest, considering how most food in Hungary is meat based. I also ate at two entirely vegan restaurants. Rizsa 17 (1092 Ráday utca)  Édeni Vegán (31 Iskola utca) And one more place as a bonus: Mozaik Teaház és Kávézó (18 Király utca) I also…
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