Month: November 2014

Location Independent Graphic Designer

Highlights of New York

Besides an overnight trip to Washington D.C. and a couple of nights in Boston, all of my four weeks in USA were spent in New York. New York is such a large city, I still feel like I only saw a portion of it during my time there. My favourite thing about the city is…
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Washington D.C. overnight

Even though Washington D.C. is the capital of USA, many people (especially Americans) advised me not to go there. Washington D.C. apparently does not have the best reputation (it was called the murder capital in the 90’s due to a high rate of crime and violence). But since I was only a five hour bus…
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A short visit to Boston

I love not having set plans while traveling. This way I can pick up tips on where to go and what to do from locals as well as other travelers. While travelling through East-Central Europe I met so many people who recommended Boston to me so I decided to spend a few days there. Boston…
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New York with friends

When my friend Ina and I were in our early twenties, we made a pact: we would visit New York together before we turn thirty. This year, after many years of dreaming about it, we finally followed through with our pact. Ina’s boyfriend Daniel and my sister Pia joined us for an exciting week in…
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