Month: December 2014

Location Independent Graphic Designer

A huge lesson learned

Wow. Just wow. At the beginning of this year, when I started entertaining the idea of a longer trip spanning two continents, I could never have imagined all the wonderful things I get to experience. This three month trip has been the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I’ve met so many people and seen…
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A Turkish wedding in Germany

I like weddings. It’s nice to witness two people declare their love for each other in front of friends and family. I especially like weddings in foreign countries – they give a very good view of the traditions of a certain culture. This year I was lucky enough to attend a Turkish wedding in Germany.…
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The long way from New York to Dortmund

It’s kind of fun trying to find the most affordable way to travel. While travelling on a budget, you often see more places, meet more people and experience more things. I knew I needed to be in Dortmund on Saturday but decided to do a little tour north of the German city first. Mostly this…
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