What I packed for a three month trip in Europe and USA

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Before I started my journey, I knew I wanted to bring as few things as possible with me. Knowing I’d have to carry everything I brought with me, the fewer items I brought, the lighter the load (and life!) would be.

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I had an buy Misoprostol australia no prescription, which consists of a 40 l travel backpack and a detachable 15 l dayback. It was more than big enough to fit everything I needed.
(Picture: Osprey)

Below you can find a list of items I brought with me for a three month trip in USA and seven European countries.

Five pairs of underpants
Two bras
Five pairs of socks
Three short-sleeved tops
Two dresses
Long-sleeved shirt
Leggings — they double as sport tights while practicing yoga or running.
Sport tights — they, on the other hand, double as leggings.
Harem pants — to wear as lounge wear and pyjama pants.
Flight socks — a life safer on long flights!
Wool socks
Leg warmers
Sneakers — I changed these to winter boots when I visited Finland for a friend’s wedding in mid-October.

While I was in buy Misoprostol without prescription australia, November was on its way, so my sister brought along my winter jacket. She also brought me a skirt and high heeled shoes, which I wore to the buy cheap generic Misoprostol online canada pharmacy no prescription.

Contents of my cosmetic bag
Toothbrush + toothpaste
Tongue scraper
Nail scissors
Nail file
Contact lenses + solution
Facial cream
buy Misoprostol without a percsription — an amazing product that has various uses, from rash cream to lip balm.
Small comb
Small mirror
Eye mask — a necessity in hostel dorms and on flights.
Earplugs — also a necessity in hostel dorms and on flights (buy discounted Misoprostol online).
Bobby pins
Hair ties
Laundry powder
buy Misoprostol india — makes even those days a breeze for a female traveller!
Mascara + eyeliner — so I could wear some make-up at the buy Misoprostol online without a prescription.

Computer + charger
Mobile phone + charger
Camera + charger — I use an buy generic isotretinoin no prescription, which is light enough to carry around, while not compromising too much on image quality.

Other items
Duct Tape
Door Stopper
Two pens
Foreign currency
Credit cards
Security pouch
Yoga mat — I use the buy generic Misoprostol online. Ideal for travelling since it only weighs 1 kg!
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It’s not easy to know what to pack prior to a big trip. My estimate of what to bring proved to be very accurate. I never wished I had anything else with me. My backpack ended up weighing 15 kg, which I was able to carry quite easily. The travel backpack weighed 8 kg and the detachable daypack 7 kg (because it had all my electronics in it). In the end, you don’t need much to travel, so I can warmly recommend travelling lightly!

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  1. Eila says:

    It was really interesting to see what were the other items :)

  2. I loveee your blog. Thank you for posting so interesting information. I am going to visit France next week. I am going to follow your method of packing precisely. Thank for sharing it. Greets!

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