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From a crazy city to the blue city

The three day Sahara tour dropped us off at our hostel in Fez. We stayed in Hostel Funky Fes close to the medina. The Fez medina is the biggest one in the world. And it was crazy. It seemed like and endless maze. Donkeys were walking beside you, chicken and geese were being sold alive,…
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Camels, tajine and sand everywhere

“Are there sand dunes in your country, too?” A Berber man named Sair asking me this made me feel like the luckiest person on Earth. All this man had ever seen was sand, sand and more sand. How could he possibly understand what the rest of the world looks like? It was humbling getting asked…
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A day in magical Marrakech

When I found a one-way flight from Madrid to Marrakech for 40 €, I was super excited. As I was so close to Africa, I realized the opportunity to visit Morocco had come. But then I got scared. I had never been to Africa, let alone a Muslim country. Even though the name of this…
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