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Location Independent Graphic Designer

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How yoga ruined my life

How could yoga possibly change someone’s life? I know the whole yoga-practicing, green-juice-drinking, positive-attitude yoga hippie is such a stereotype, but somehow this practice, that usually starts as a new hobby, can slowly start affecting your diet, relationships and outlook on life. This is the story of how yoga allowed me to go from just…
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Asanas in Istria

Yoga retreats are a convenient way to combine my two main interests: yoga and travel. They’re also a great way to meet like-minded people. And the food! It’s usually so tasty that you don’t only stretch your muscles but also your belly. Even though my travel style is quite budget orientated, I don’t mind paying…
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The longest journey in just three days

It’s easy to think that travelling has to be into far away countries. But actually, this entire life is a journey. Just like on any other journey, you never know what life will bring you: surprises, disappointments, ups, downs, hellos and goodbyes. Travel is not a cure for anything (not even wanderlust – it just…
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Yoga in the Catalan mountains

After spending a weekend in Tarragona, it was time to travel further south. I had booked a five night stay at a yoga retreat in Southern Catalonia. I took a train from Tarragona to L’ampolla which took about an hour. At 5 pm I met Sarah at the train station and we drove about 20…
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